Academic Learning Communities

The CFDE is Calling for Proposals for Academic Learning Communities for 2017-2018.

Due Friday April 28, 2017

Academic Learning Communities (ALCs) are seminars that provide opportunities for faculty (and sometimes graduate students) to discuss topics related to their research, teaching, and intellectual lives. These seminars meet 4-6 times a semester for 1.5 hours and include common readings. Each ALC comes with a $1000 stipend. All logistics (recruiting participants, reserving rooms, providing snacks, and uploading readings to Blackboard) are handled by CFDE staff.

Conveners are responsible for identifying topics and readings, uploading readings to Canvas, and communicating any specifics about the ALC to participants.
CFDE staff are in charge of recruiting/organizing participants, reserving rooms, providing snacks.
ALCs can focus on research, teaching, or areas of more general interest in higher education. Past ALC topics include: “Building a Sustainable Farm and Food System,” “The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL),” and “Brazil, A Growing Global Force: Beyond Soccer and Samba.” The goal of an ALC is not only to develop a more robust intellectual community at Emory around a topic but also to develop some “output.” For example, as a result of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning ALC, we are trying to build a better relationship with IRB on SoTL projects, and as a result of the Brazil ALC, we pulled together resources on teaching and researching about Brazil onto one webpage.


Please submit a proposal of no more than one page using the link here that includes

  • Your topic
  • A preliminary list of faculty members you would like to invite
  • Whether you would like to lead your ALC in Fall 2017 or Spring 2018
  • How many sessions you would like (from 4 to 6 in a semester)
  • What each session would focus on
  • Ideas for readings
  • “Goal” or “output” for the ALC (For more information on past Academic Learning Communities visit this link.)

**If you are proposing an ALC for Fall 2017, you must be available during the summer (virtually or face to face) to work out the details with CFDE staff.**

>>Previous Academic Learning Communities

Spring 2017 Academic Learning Communities

Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Based Learning (POGIL) in the Biology Classroom

Convened by Patrick Cafferty, Lecturer in Biology

For biology faculty only. This ALC is part journal club part development of POGIL activities for faculty in Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, and Physiology

Religion and Public Health Collaborative on Contextual Learning 

Convened by Mimi Kiser, Assistant Professor, Global Health; Ellen Idler, Professor of Sociology; and Letitia Campbell, Assistant Program Director, Candler School of Theology

For Theology, School of Public Health, and Nursing faculty but also co-sponsored by the Laney Graduate School for its focus on strengthening interdisciplinary experiential learning for graduate students enrolled in theology, religion, public health, and nursing programs.

The Environmental Humanities: Methods, Challenges, Debates

Convened by Paul Buchholz, Assistant Professor of German Studies, and Caroline Schaumann, Associate Professor of German Studies

"We believe that the humanities have a crucial task in articulating and communicating environmental concerns to a contemporary public and that it is equally important to carefully look at depictions of local, global, and planetary environments in both past and present texts of all kinds in order to fully understand the narrative modes of current crises and evaluate their rhetoric and effectiveness.  Read more.