Writing Groups

The CFDE offers an annual program of writing groups with different goals, groupings, frequency, and format, based upon participants' preferences. These groupsare small, with four to seven members each.

A writing group can offer support, accountability, structure, and camaraderie for faculty in terms of both the process and the product, for writing across the range of types, lengths, stages of development, and goals. It can supply a welcome antidote to the professional isolation that often comes with the task of writing, as well as provide a source for constructive critical feedback on work in progress.

We offer multiple modes for faculty to connect with colleagues in writing: in-person writing groups; virtual, online writing accountability groups, including email check-ins and Google hangout groups; and Sit Down and Write with the CFDE.

The CFDE serves as scheduler and convener, provides support and reading materials as appropriate, sends meeting reminders and online group prompts, and secures meeting spaces. The CFDE  also sets up email lists for each group to facilitate planning and communication between group meetings. CFDE associate director Allison Adams will meet once with each group during the semester.

Enrollment for this program in 2016-17 is now closed. The writing groups begin meeting January 2017 for the spring semester and are given the option to continue into the following fall.

Please contact Allison Adams, 727-5269, for more information.