CFDE Teaching Fellows

The CFDE Teaching Fellows Program supports teaching in the undergraduate curriculum as part of wider effort to bolster the undergraduate academic experience at Emory. This year-long program starts in summer and is open to all fulltime faculty teaching in undergraduate schools. Each of the fellows receives funding to develop a project and share it with their colleagues. 

Applications are now being accepted for the CFDE Teaching Fellows Program. Applications are currently closed.

We are thrilled to introduce the CFDE Teaching Fellow Cohort for AY 19-20.

Here is a brief description of each fellow in alphabetical order.

Sheila Cavanagh
Professor, English, Emory College

Expanding expertise in public scholarship and developing ways for undergraduates to undertake original scholarship and present it publicly.

Sarah Fankhauser
Assistant Professor, Biology, Oxford College

Development of discussion-based courses using case studies in preparation for a first-year seminar on the Science of Stress.

Noelle Giguere
Senior Lecturer, French & Italian, Emory College
Redesigning the beginning French Curriculum at Emory by applying participatory culture concepts to a foreign language learning context.

Wesley Longhofer
Associate Professor, Organization & Management, Business School

Developing an online, open-access platform of curated and original research at the intersection of business and society.

Alix Olson
Assistant Professor, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Oxford College

Developing a Theory, Practice, Service Learning (TPSL) course on art and activism in the United States with a focus on immigration in the south.

Elena Pesavento
Associate Professor, Economics, Emory College

Revising ECON 220: Probability and Statistics to include case studies so that the course can be taught by various faculty in larger classrooms.

Quyen Phan
Assistant Clinical Professor, Nursing

Developing best practices for moderating online discussions while preserving faculty effort.

Cristy Tower-Gilchrist
Instructor, Nursing

Developing strategies to make undergraduate labs more inclusive to increase effective learning and expand creativity in Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Jeannie Weston
Associate Professor, Nursing

Developing best practices for introducing undergraduate nursing students to pediatric critical care and to bridge the gap between the clinical practice setting and didactic education.

As part of their fellowship, Teaching Fellows are asked to gather the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) research on their project topic over the summer. Here are the annotated bibliographies of that research from the 2018-19 fellows:

Program Information

This program starts with a meeting in the week before graduation in May 2019 and ends in May 2020.


  • For faculty members to develop a project related to teaching and to share it with the community
  • To support teaching in the undergraduate curriculum as part of wider effort to bolster the undergraduate academic experience at Emory
  • To help develop inclusive classrooms
  • To highlight existing faculty teaching expertise


  • Open to all fulltime faculty in Emory College, Oxford, Nursing and Business.
  • Year-long: starts in May 2019, ends in May 2020.
  • $2500 (dispersed in three payments into a research or departmental account in summer 2019, fall 2019, and spring 2020). We are currently looking into the option to take this money as summer salary support; please contact Eric Weeks ( directly if you are interested in this option.
  • Applicants must have a smart key to which money can be disbursed.


  • All fulltime faculty engaged in teaching
  • Record of excellent teaching


  • Applications are accepted in the spring for the following year.
  • Chairs and deans may nominate; self-nominations are also accepted
  • Application must include:
    • A brief email from chair supporting the application
    • A 1-page statement identifying record of excellent teaching (evaluations, or peer letter, or award) the specific expertise the applicant wants to develop, and specific outcomes
    • A sample syllabus as evidence of your approach to teaching

On acceptance, the Teaching Fellows will:

  • Meet with CFDE to develop a plan for the fellowship
  • Sign a Teaching Fellows Agreement which commits faculty member to: 
  • Reading on teaching in their discipline or related to the issue they want to focus on (in consultation with CFDE teaching team)
  • Hosting a teaching table to share their knowledge
    • Attending two cohort meetings a semester with CFDE teaching team
    • Writing a one-page report on their work as a Teaching Fellow
    • Creating a bibliography for the CFDE Knowledge Hub arising from their research

Examples of possible projects

  • Inclusive classrooms
  • Revising Introductory Courses
  • Developing case studies for a course
  • Developing a peer assessment program for your course
  • Creating cohorts across classes and/or schools
  • Hosting conversations in a department on relevant pedagogy
  • Public scholarship, engagement with communities
  • Creativity in the Classroom
  • Researching and fostering peer teaching
  • Online teaching, multiple formats
  • Adapting small courses for courses with large lecture formats
  • Working with international students
  • Working with refugee and immigrant populations in the Atlanta area
  • Working with other institutions in the Atlanta area, through research, institutes, centers, joint academic programs, etc.

Please direct questions about this program to Donna Troka at: