University Courses

The CFDE initiated the University Courses in 2011 to encourage a multidisciplinary examination of issues and topics by faculty and students from across the university. The goals of University Courses are to focus the many intellectual perspectives and resources of Emory on the study of important topics and to enact a sense of common purpose across the diverse communities at Emory. These classes are offered to all students: undergraduate, graduate, and professional.

The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (CFDE) is offering TWO University Courses for Spring 2018.

These three credit courses are open to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students and meet once a week.  

Please note that there may be several student groups at the Law School who are ineligible to take these courses due to the structure of the law programs and their use of pass/fail credits, including for cross campus courses. Students should check with the Law School's registrar's office for additional information.  

Frankenstein across Fields of Learning

Conveners: Laura Otis and Paul Root Wolpe

Wednesdays 1-4:00 pm

2018 will mark two hundred years since the publication of Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, whose thought- provoking depiction of science, ethics, cruelty, and compassion continues to challenge scientists and artists.

This University Course brings together faculty from medicine, public health, bioethics, disability studies, law, literary and cultural studies, film studies, the natural and physical sciences, and the arts to discuss the questions of knowledge-seeking and responsibility that Shelley’s novel raises. 

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Rapidly Accelerating Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities

Conveners: Holli Semetko, Benn Konsynski, and K.M. Venkat Narayan

Mondays 3-6:00 pm

Rapidly accelerating technologies are impacting all aspects of life on the planet. This University Course, offering perspectives from the arts and sciences, business, public health, and medicine, focuses on understanding exponential technologies, the challenges and opportunities they present, and what we can do in this rapidly changing climate for the benefit of humankind.

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The CFDE is no longer accepting proposals for university courses for spring 2018.

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