National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

Through the Office of the Provost, Emory is an institutional member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD). The NCFDD offers an online core curriculum consisting of webinars from their own and other faculty experts on topics such as planning each semester, mastering academic time management, cultivating mentors, and learning to engage in conflict for transformation. Member benefits include
  • Core Curriculum webinars
  • Guest expert webinars
  • Multi-week courses
  • 14-Day Writing Challenge program
  • Dissertation Success Curriculum program
  • Private discussion forum for peer-mentoring, problem-solving, and moderated writing challenges

Founded in 2010, the NFCDD aims to help faculty and future faculty thrive in the academy. The NCFDD approaches faculty success holistically, offering training and guidance on how to achieve tenure, how to write and publish work, and how to manage stress and time.

Access to the NCFDD services is available to all faculty, postdocs, and graduate students at Emory. To activate your membership, go to, search for Emory University, and sign in using your email.

The CFDE also offers the Faculty Mentorship Network, which aims to provide all Emory faculty confidential opportunities for support and conversation with colleagues, by providing access to multiple mentors. More than 180 Emory faculty from a wide range of schools and departments have volunteered to support their colleagues in areas such as teaching observations, guest lecturing, research, scholarship, university service, public scholarship, and general professional development.