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Teaching Consultations

The Teaching Consultation Program at the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (CFDE) at Emory University is a menu driven program. We offer many different options and tailor our program to best serve your needs. Please see below for a description of each option.

What is a consultation?

A teaching consultation is a one-on-one series of focused sessions a faculty member can embark on with a consultant. A consultation is usually undertaken over the course of a semester or a year, and it is geared to help a faculty member improve one or more aspect of his or her teaching.

What can you expect from us?

You can expect the opportunity to develop a clear set of goals for improving your teaching, and ways to help you reach those goals. We believe in a flexible but structured consultation model. A consultation can be many things. Here is a list of some possibilities:

Who will you be working with?

You will be working with a CFDE Teaching Consultant.

A CFDE Teaching Consultant is a person on the Emory faculty or staff who works with you to improve your teaching. CFDE chooses its Teaching consultants on the basis of excellence and creativity in the classroom. If they are faculty, they can be from any faculty rank and any unit at Emory, and are distinguished by their teaching record. If they are staff, they have an extensive experience in the classroom as well as in other educational and administrative environments. Many are award winners in the fields of teaching and education.

Because CFDE is committed to making the consultation the best experience possible, you can choose Teaching Consultants based on what would help you most to improve your teaching. You may feel more comfortable working with a consultant who is your peer in age or rank, or perhaps someone who has a great deal more experience than you. Depending on your teaching goals, you can also choose someone who is very close to your field, or someone who is not at all familiar with your field but can give you an “outsider’s” eye view.

CFDE staff will work with you to find the best possible match depending on your needs.

How do you make an appointment?

There a just a few steps to signing up for a Teaching Consultation at the CFDE:

Frequently Asked Questions About CFDE Teaching Consultations

  1. How many times will I meet with my consultant?
    You can meet with your consultant(s) as many times as you agree upon. Most people meet once or twice a semester. Please remember that faculty and staff consultants are doing this on a voluntary basis, and like you, their time is limited.
  2. Is there a limit to how many times I use the Teaching Consultation program?
    A faculty member can utilize the program as many times as he or she sees fit. However, the Teaching Consultation program’s time and resources are best used when you bring clear, definable goals to the process.
  3. What if the relationship between me and my Teaching Consultant is not working?
    We can begin by working with the two of you to address the concerns. If it seems appropriate, CFDE staff can help with finding another consultant.
  4. Is this program part of the tenure and promotion process?
    The CFDE Teaching Consultant program is NOT part of the tenure process. You are allowed (and encouraged) to include any reports you receive from your consultation in your tenure packet, but our office and this program is not tied to any form of evaluation for promotion.
  5. What if I need help with something not listed above?
    Please let us know and we can work on finding a way to set up a consultation.
  6. I want to help other teachers with their teaching challenges, how do I become a consultant?
    Thanks for your interest! Please contact Donna Troka at and she will set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities.
  7. Is this program open to all units?
    Yes, it is, and we welcome all inquiries.
  8. Can graduate students use the Teaching Consultation program?
    CFDE will work with the Graduate School (GS) to place graduate students in currently existing GS programs. We also hope to collaborate with the Graduate School to create further possibilities for graduate students in the future.
  9. Can I use this program anonymously?
    Absolutely. All discussions and observations will remain confidential.
  10. Where are CFDE teaching and faculty development resources located?
    Our offices are in the 1599 Clifton Road building on the 6th floor (rooms 202 through 206). You can walk, CCTMA shuttle, or drive over. We are the last stop on the CCTMA shuttle and if you drive you can park (for free) in the lot behind our building. Just tell them you are coming to an appointment at the CFDE. Take the elevators up to the 6th floor and then head for the Northeast (blue) corner. Hope to see you soon.