Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Have you ever 

  • believed that you have fooled others in your professional world into overestimating your abilities?
  • misattributed your personal success to factors other than your own ability or intelligence (luck, or an evaluator's misjudgement?
  • feared exposure as an impostor?

You are not alone.

An Onstage Conversation with Valerie Sheares Ashby about Impostor Syndrome

Claiming Your Expertise Panel Discussion

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity Webinar

How To Overcome Shame, The Imposter Syndrome And Become A Prolific Scholar

More Reading

Tulshyan, Ruchika and Jodi-Ann Burey, "Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome." Harvard Business Review, Feb 11, 2021.  

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