Sick: Healthcare in the Modern Era


  • Jaffar Khan
  • Greg Esper
  • Josh Wallenstein
  • Jason Liebzeit
  • Pearce Korb

Healthcare is a complex science, art and economic field that is constantly evolving but always with far reaching impact. The current magnitude and complexity of the providing healthcare in the United States of America obfuscates even the most fundamental questions: What does it cost? Why are medical bills so high? Who actually pays them? Who should have healthcare? What direction should reform take? How do we measure success?

In this course we will not be focusing on any particular disease state or patient population but will explore many aspects of the current healthcare system itself. The multidisciplinary approach will include professors and experts from many departments from Emory University and from other distinguished institutions. The focus will be on the historical context of the current system, an examination of the operation of healthcare delivery and its evolution. There will be an emphasis on healthcare delivery in the U.S. but there will be sessions on international outreach and comparative healthcare systems. We will also approach many of the most hotly contested debates in healthcare.