Alicia Lane

Graduate Assistant for Learning Design and Technology

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Alicia Lane (she/her/hers) is a graduate assistant for Learning Design and Technology. Along with the fantastic faculty and staff at the CFDE, Alicia helps provide access to instructional design and educational technology content by Emory faculty, staff, and students by developing and implementing instructional trainings and materials, offering consultations and follow-up support, and helping coordinate CFDE events related to these topics. Alicia is a strong proponent of accessible education and implementing pedagogical practices supportive of diversity, equity, and inclusion to support student wellbeing and learning. She is a PhD candidate in the Emory Neuroscience Graduate Program, and her research will focus on mitochondrial copper dysregulation in neurodegenerative disease. Alicia holds a B.S. in Biology from Georgia Tech (2015) and is an Emory Woodruff Fellow (2019).