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Headshot of Eric Weeks

Eric Weeks

Director, Center for Faculty Development and Excellence and Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

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Donna Troka headshot

Donna Troka

Senior Associate Director, Teaching and Pedagogy

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Allison Adams headshot

Allison Adams

Associate Director, Research and Scholarly Writing

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Vialla Hartfield-Méndez Headshot

Vialla Hartfield-Méndez

Director of Engaged Learning

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Liesl Wuest Headshot

Liesl Wuest

Associate Director of Learning Design and Technology

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Laketia Woodley headshot

Laketia Woodley

Senior Program Coordinator

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Kelly Duquette Headshot

Kelly Duquette

Graduate Assistant Editor

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Norah Elmagraby Headshot

Norah Elmagraby

Graduate Assistant for Engaged Learning

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Emmy Corey headshot

Emmy Corey

Graduate Assistant for Engaged Learning

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Elena Lesley Headshot

Elena Lesley

2020-21 Dean's Teaching Fellow

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Alicia Lane Headshot

Alicia Lane

Graduate Assistant for Learning Design and Technology

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Kedhejah Kelley headshot

Kedhejah Kelley

Student Administrative Assistant

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