Solutions to the Challenge of Course Materials Access in Online Instruction

This event took place Monday, October 26, 2020, via Zoom.

View the slides here.

  • “I can’t find that textbook from any online sellers in India!” 
  • “The cost to ship textbooks from Emory’s bookstore to China is more than I can afford!”
  • “That film isn’t available on streaming services in South Korea!” 

This semester is Emory’s first full term in which the majority of classes are being taught online, and it began with many emails to faculty from frustrated students who expressed sentiments similar to those above. Many instructors turned to the Libraries for help and in some cases were able to find assistance. But as this blog post and this one pointed out, options to fix these problems are limited once course materials are selected.

In this webinar, library experts will provide proactive solutions to these issues: course material options that are available to all Emory students who have internet access. Even better, these options are available at no cost, so even those in the U.S. (or Atlanta) who have easy access to the bookstore but can’t afford to actually buy their course materials will benefit.

Presenters from Emory Libraries’ Research, Engagement, and Scholarly Communications Division include Jody Bailey, Head of the Scholarly Communications Office; Chris Palazzolo, Head of Collections Management; and James Steffen, Head of Humanities Subject Librarian Team.