Graduate Students and Teaching-CFDE Picks

  • Curzan, Anne. First Day to Final Grade: A Graduate Student’s Guide to Teaching. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 2000.
  • Prieto, Loreto R., Steven A. Meyers, eds. The Teaching Assistant Training Handbook: How To Prepare TAs for Their Responsibilities. New Forums Press, 2001.
  • Border, Laura L. B., series editor. Studies in Graduate and Professional Student Development. New Forums Press. This edited book series serves as a guide to the study of improved training, employment and administration of graduate and professional student development programs. A new publication that addresses a critical need in higher education. The series is designed to highlight all aspects of professional development of graduate and professional students. Titles in the series include: “Graduate Student Teaching Awards,” “Mapping the Range of Graduate Student Professional Development,” “Graduate Students as Teachers of Undergraduate Mathematics,” “Context and Content in the Preparation of Future Faculty.”