Improving Teaching through Classroom Observation

  • Sarah MacDonald, "Theory and Practice of Classroom Observation." Report May 2017. This report addresses how to effectively conduct classroom observations and give feedback in order to assess teaching. The report offers some overview of relevant research, as well as suggestions of best practices.
  • Kathleen T. Brinko, “The Practice of Giving Feedback to Improve Teaching: What is Effective?” in The Journal of Higher Education 64.5 (1993): 574-593. Reviews literature about giving effective feedback in order to determine the most effective feedback processes (including what feedback to give, when, how, from whom and to whom) to improve teaching in higher education.
  • Dale J. Vidmar, “Reflective peer coaching: Crafting collaborative self-assessment in teaching,” in Research Strategies 20.3 (2006): 135-148. Proposes reflective peer coaching as a model of formative self-assessment and critical reflection in one’s teaching practice. Offers detailed summary of how to prepare for and facilitate reflective peer coaching.
  • Ginger Weade and Carolyn M. Evertson, “On What Can Be Learned by Observing Teaching,” in Theory into Practice 30.1, “Educational Evaluation: An Evolving Field” (1991): 37-45. Presents classroom observation as “systematic, intentional action.” Considers what to focus on during observation and reviews various observation methodologies.