Interactive Teaching in Large Lecture Classrooms - Quick Reads

  • “Teaching Strategies: Large Classes and Lectures.” Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan. Links to several resources about classroom management techniques and effective lecturing in a large class setting.
  • Marshall, Kelli. “How to Work the Lecture Hall.” Chronicle Vitae. April 10, 2015. A quick overview of best practices in lecture-hall teaching.
  • Bruff, Derek. “Hacking the Classroom.” Agile Learning. March 6, 2015. Focuses on how to most effectively use the furniture and seating arrangements present in various classrooms, including the large lecture hall.
  • “Interactive Teaching in Large Lectures.” Academy for Teaching & Learning Excellence, University of South Florida. Discusses 7 obstacles to making large lecture classes more interactive, and offers quick concrete solutions to each obstacle. Includes a list of 148 interactive teaching techniques and student activities.
  • “Face to Face: Large Classes (80+ students).” Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning, University of Florida. Includes links to detailed discussions about: interactive techniques, student response “clickers,” and effective PowerPoint presentations.