Managing Large Classes - CFDE Picks

  • Stanley, Christine, and M. Erin Porter, eds. Engaging Large Classes: Strategies and Techniques for College Faculty. Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing, 2002 Covers multiple aspects of large course management, from planning through assessment. Part 2 includes discipline-specific essays.
  • Strawson, Hannah. 53 Ways to Deal with Large Classes. Professional and Higher Education, 2013. Suggests strategies and actions for addressing a range of challenges associated with teaching large classes: student engagement and preparedness; lecture and discussion dynamics; overseeing, assessing and grading student work.
  • Innovative Techniques for Large-Group Instruction. National Science Teachers Association Press, 2002. Presents research on how students best learn and which teaching approaches are most effective, then describes several concrete examples of incorporating active learning techniques into large classes. Written by and for science teachers, but many of the insights and strategies can be readily transferred to other fields.