Inclusive Pedagogy Resources

  • Colleen Flaherty, “Making Sense of the Senseless” June 3, 2020 , Inside Higher Ed. This article discusses the role of academics in interpreting the national protests against police violence and racism.
  • Edward J. Maloney and Joshua Kim, “Learning and COVID-19,” May 28, 2020, Inside Higher Ed. This article discusses how COVID-19 has changed the activities and approaches of colleges and universities toward learning.
  • John MacPhee, “Promoting Student Mental Health in Difficult Days” May 29, 2020, Inside Higher Ed. The author argues that four key elements are crucial for colleges in providing student mental health. They are following: support the development of life skills, promote social connectedness, identify students at risk, and Increase help-seeking behaviors.
  • Madeline St. Amour, “How Neurodivergent Students Are Getting Through the Pandemic,”Inside Higher Ed, May 13, 2020. This article shares the experiences that both faculty and neurodivergent students faced during the transition to remote learning. It also offers advice on how colleges and universities can support neurodivergent students through this pandemic.
  • Aimi Hamraie, “Accessible Teaching in the time of COVID-19,” Mapping Access, March 10, 2020. Hamraie offers advice on how to build accessible virtual courses and assignments. The author covers lecture and discussion-based lesson plans as well as assignments.
  • Annie Tulkin, “COVID-19 and College Accommodations,”Accessible College, March 18, 2020. Annie Tulkin discusses the possible effects Covid-19 may have on future accommodations and  provides annotated resources on health conditions/disabilities and course accommodations for educators.
  • University of Arkansas’s Explore Access, “Designing an Accessible Online Course,” March 2020, continuously updated. The University of Arkansas’s Explore Access developed a toolkit to assist campuses across the country who are moving online virtually in response to COVID-19. The site provides extensive resources to make your online courses accessible for all students.
  • Elizabeth Redden, "Scholars v. COVID-19 Racism,"Inside Higher Ed, April 2, 2020, This article covers how scholars with expertise in Asian American studies, public health and other academic disciplines have confronted coronavirus-related racism through teaching, research, and community outreach.