Coursera Course Applications

Call for proposals for 2017 (Application due Dec. 9, 2016)

Must be full-time faculty at Emory to apply.

Emory’s partnership with the online education company Coursera allows our faculty the opportunity to reach a global audience. Since 2013, Emory University has produced 14 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on the Coursera platform. These MOOCs have given more than 70 Emory faculty an opportunity to share their expertise with more than 487,500 learners.

The CFDE is now accepting proposals for new courses to be offered on the Coursera platform in 2017. These courses provide faculty the opportunity to explore new teaching styles and modalities and aim to highlight the teaching and research activities of the university. MOOCs developed for the Coursera platform at Emory must meet high standards for education and innovation.

While MOOCs require substantial time to prepare various components, faculty work closely with the Teaching & Learning Technologies development team on aspects such as course and content design, script and storyboard development, filming time, copyright clearance, assessment development, and open access resource collection. 

This current call for proposals will select up to three courses to be developed and offered on the Coursera platform in 2017. Applications from all disciplines and subject areas are welcome; however, please note the following criteria that will help you decide if your course is well-suited for the Coursera platform.

We encourage proposals from full-time Emory faculty members for courses that

  • Cover topics that have not previously been taught on Coursera’s platform
  • Are designed for general interest and a general public audience
  • Lead to innovative course design and materials
  • Make use of resources that are unique to Emory
  • Lead to the development of materials that can be repurposed for other benefits on campus
  • Enhance the reputation of the University and support Emory’s mission and vision

*Please note: Participation is voluntary, no course release or stipend is available.


The Coursera course selection process is as follows:

Part One: Initial Application

  1. Complete the initial Coursera Course Application
  2. Upon completion, the application will be reviewed by CFDE.
    • If your course is a candidate for Coursera
      • You will be asked to submit a full proposal—CFDE will send you the full proposal form and the instructor agreement for your information
      • You may request a consultation with CFDE for proposal development guidance.
    • If your course is not the right fit for Coursera
      • Stephanie Parisi, Assistant Director of Online Education, will contact you for a consultation.
      • CFDE is happy to help you develop ideas, research other possible online options, or help you revise your application.

Part Two: Full Proposal

  1. Your proposal will be reviewed by the following individuals:
    • Pamela Scully, Director, CFDE
    • Stephanie Parisi, Assistant Director of Online Education, CFDE
    • Lee Clontz, Manager, Teaching & Learning Technologies, LITS
    • Three Emory faculty members from the CFDE Advisory Board
  2. Faculty will be notified via email of course selection.


  1. Selected faculty will be asked to meet with CFDE within two weeks of acceptance.
  2. At that time, the faculty member must sign the Coursera Instructor Agreement.
  3. Course proposals not selected will be kept on file for one year. 
  4. Faculty whose proposals are not accepted will be encouraged to pursue developing their course using other campus resources and facilities. Consultations are available from CFDE, Teaching & Learning Technologies, and the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship to discuss alternatives.

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