CFDE Staff Publishing Books, Articles

In addition to their work in the center, several CFDE staff members have had publications this year.

  • CFDE Director and Professor of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies and African Studies Pamela Scully's short biography of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was published earlier this year (Ohio University Press). The book was reviewed in the July 6, 2016 edition of the Times Literary Supplement.
  • CFDE Associate Director and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies Donna Troka's article “Archivist and Faculty Collaborative Course Development,” co-authored with Gabrielle Dudley and Courtney Chartier of the Rose Library, was published in the journal Provenance, vol. 33, 2016. The article addresses new and innovative ways faculty and archivists can work together to engage undergraduate students while still presenting a critical examination of a field or subject matter by constructing meaningful and creative projects and assignments for undergraduate students.
  • CFDE Director of Engaged Learning Vialla Hartfield-Méndez and two co-authors, Karen Stolley (Spanish and Portuguese) and Hong Li (Russian and East Asian Languages and Culture), have an essay, “When Sustainability Means Understanding:  Modern Languages and Emory University’s Piedmont Project,”  forthcoming in the collection titled Foreign Language Teaching and the Environment: Theory, Curricula, Institutional Structures from the MLA Series Teaching Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.
  • CFDE Assistant Director of Online Education Stephanie Parisi's article "Tips for Effective Video Instruction," co-authored with Dina Thornton (Teaching and Learning Technologies), was published earlier this year in the newsletter Online Classroom, 16(7), 1-7. Videos are the ideal way to deliver content in an online course because the web is a fundamentally audiovisual medium. But while many faculty assume that videos require high-level technical skills to produce, they are actually not beyond the means of the ordinary instructor. They just require understanding of a few basic production principles. This check list will get you started with effective video instruction.

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