Moving to Canvas: Services for Online Teaching

Teaching & Learning Technologies is implementing a 16-month transition from Blackboard to Emory’s new learning management system, Canvas. During this transition, The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence offers the following support as faculty move their classes to the new platform.

Consultations for Online Teaching through the Canvas platform

Consultations are geared to help faculty improve one or more aspects of their online teaching. Faculty may request a one-on-one consultation at any time, and specific questions, problems, or ideas around online teaching may be discussed.

Course Review Feedback

Moving your course from Blackboard to Canvas is the opportune time to look at making improvements to the online components of a course. We can give you an individualized review of your current Blackboard course that focuses on best practices in online teaching and discuss strategies to update and refine your course.

Online Pedagogy Workshops

In addition to helping you work on your course as you move to Canvas, we also offer help on online teaching more broadly. CFDE offers pedagogical guidance around fully online courses as well as blended, hybrid, flipped, and MOOC teaching experiences. Workshops can be offered for professional development for a team or group in a central location or at your school. If you wish to schedule a specific workshop for your school or department, please reach out to CFDE with your request. Topics include designing syllabi for online courses, teaching and assessing higher order thinking skills in online courses, online discussion forum best practices, developing an online community, creating an online teaching persona, and translating teaching strategies to online.

For questions and requests about CFDE services, please contact Stephanie Parisi, Assistant Director of Online Education at

For training or assistance with Canvas, please visit IT or contact Teaching & Learning Technologies at

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