Creative Practice as a Teaching Method

Teaching Table Series

Wednesday, April 4
Woodruff Library 214

Sometimes we learn by being told what to know.
Sometimes by trying things out, by doing.
Mostly, we learn through a blend of both.

This workshop focuses on the benefits of learning through direct engagement with things, rather than being told about them. In particular, it explores the potential of creative practice as a means of acquiring knowledge, reaching understanding, and gaining insight.

Instead of writing conventional argument or analytical papers, what if students were asked to resolve a problem or present their findings by curating an exhibition … choreographing a performance … producing a photo essay … staging a debate? A set of short exercises will set the stage for our discussion of these and related questions.

Please bring your own lunch to this brown bag discussion.

Facilitated by 

  • Angelika Bammer
  • Associate Professor
  • Comparative Literature

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