Propose an Academic Learning Community

The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (CFDE) is calling for proposals for Academic Learning Communities for 2018-2019. 

Due: Friday, April 27, 2018

Academic Learning Communities (ALCs) are seminars that provide opportunities for faculty to discuss topics related to their research, teaching, and intellectual lives. These seminars meet 4 to 6 times a semester for 1.5 hours and include common readings that are posted on Canvas. Each ALC comes with a $1000 stipend.

  • Conveners are responsible for identifying topics and readings, uploading readings to Canvas, and communicating any specifics about the ALC to participants.
  • CFDE staff are in charge of recruiting/organizing participants, reserving rooms, providing snacks. 

ALCs can focus on research, teaching, or areas of more general interest in higher education. Past ALC topics include “Building a Sustainable Farm and Food System,” “The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL),” and “Brazil, A Growing Global Force: Beyond Soccer and Samba.” The goal of an ALC is not only to develop a more robust intellectual community at Emory around a topic but also to develop some “output.” For example, as a result of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning ALC, we are trying to build a better relationship with IRB on SoTL projects, and as a result of the Brazil ALC, we pulled together resources on teaching and researching about Brazil onto one webpage.


Please submit a proposal of no more than one page that includes:

  • Your topic
  • A preliminary list of faculty members you would like to invite
  • Whether you would like to lead your ALC in Fall 2018 or Spring 2019
  • How many sessions you would like (from 4 to 6 in a semester)
  • What each session would focus on
  • Ideas for readings
  • “Goal” or “output” for the ALC

**If you are proposing an ALC for Fall 2018, you must be available during the summer (virtually or face to face) to work out the details with CFDE staff.**

Spring 2018 ALCs

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