Engaged Learning, Language Center Partner

The CFDE Engaged Learning Program and the Emory College Language Center are co-sponsoring a year-long series of events focused on community engaged pedagogy, community engagement opportunities for students who are studying languages other than English, and approaches to creating successful community-university partnerships that integrate language learning or content in multiple languages.

Look for more details to come for these programs:

  • “Teaching Through the Lens of Social Justice” workshop by Pamela M. Wesely, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Foreign Language and ESL Education, Department of Teaching and Learning, College of Education, University of Iowa, on September 28.
  • “Using Community-Based Assessment Approaches to Teaching” workshop by Denise Galarza-Sepúlveda, Director of Community Engaged Academic Learning Center, University of Michigan, coming in November.
We will also co-sponsor sessions that feature Emory programs in Civic and Community Engagement in Campus Life, with workshops about how to integrate these programs into community engaged learning courses in languages other than English.

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