CFDE Inaugurates Public Scholars Institute

In Fall 2018, the CFDE, in partnership with Emory’s Division of Communications and Public Affairs, is inaugurating the Emory Public Scholars Institute.  The institute is a four-session curriculum for faculty interested in engaging more deeply with various forms of traditional and new media, to heighten the profile and influence of their research and scholarship. It is part of the CFDE’s renewed programming emphasis on public scholarship.

The thirty-four faculty participants from around the university were nominated to participate. 

The institute takes place once per month and is sequentially structured, so that each session builds on the content of the previous one. The intention is to create a community of learners who can continue to support one another after the institute.

The curriculum is hands-on and experiential, at least in part, with workshops focused on helping participants hone their expertise in each topic area. Each session will be led by an Emory professional with expertise in that particular area, in partnership with a faculty member with significant related experience.  

The four sessions of the curriculum cover the following topics: 

  • Communicating to a General Audience: Exploring best practices for persuasive communication that makes messages memorable for non-specialist readers
  • Your Online Identity and Choosing a Social Medium: Providing online and social media strategies to extend the reach of research and scholarship
  • Media Training (or, How to Become an Expert): Introducing strategies for working effectively with mainstream media outlets and with print/digital reporters
  • Alternative Facts, Fake News, and Your Scholarship: Advancing public scholarship in today’s journalism environment

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