Keep an eye out in Mid-March for calls for proposals

Classroom Mini Grants

  • Used for an activity directly related to a class you are teaching during the upcoming semester.
  • Anyone currently teaching at Emory is eligible, including tenure track faculty, lecturers, adjunct faculty, visiting faculty and graduate students. The request can be up to $300.

Fund for Innovative Teaching (FIT) grants

Supports innovative undergraduate and/or graduate, and postgraduate teaching at Emory. Grants range from $500-$3000.

Topic proposals for University Courses

Initiated in 2011 to encourage a multidisciplinary examination of issues and topics by faculty and students from across the university. The goals of University Courses are to focus the many intellectual perspectives and resources of Emory on the study of important topics and to enact a sense of common purpose across the diverse communities at Emory. These classes are offered to all students: undergraduate, graduate, and professional.

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