Sit Down and Write with the CFDE


Looking for some structure and companionship for your summer writing? Join the CFDE for Sit Down and Write!

Summer schedule begins May 14:

Tuesdays 11am-noon in Kaldi's and virtually via Facebook

Join the CFDE—virtually or in-person—for Sit Down and Write. Sit Down and Write is a great way for writers to structure their time, boost their productivity, and connect with others. CFDE associate director Allison Adams hosts the in-person Sit Down and Write with the CFDE sessions and the Facebook group. Your host tells you when to start, when to rest, when to start again, and when to stop.

The formula is simple:

  • On Tuesdays at 11 am, we gather at Kaldi Coffee on the Emory campus in the Medical Education Building.
  • Or connect via Facebook
  • We write in silence for an hour, and catch-up either online or over coffee afterwards
  • We begin by writing for 25 minutes, then we take a 5-minute break to check in, write for 25 more minutes, then take a few minutes at the end to catch up.

Sit Down and Write is a great way to carve out dedicated writing time and make progress on thesis chapters, journal articles, and grant applications. While an hour doesn’t sound like much, it’s amazing what you can get done if you really focus. The discipline and shared sense of purpose that comes from writing with others also keeps you accountable and reminds you that you aren’t alone.

To participate in person, just come join us at Kaldi Coffee in the DUC (Tuesdays) or Ebrik in the Carlos Museum (Fridays)!

To participate virtually on Facebook, join the CFDE-organized Facebook group.

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