Balancing Student Support and Personal Stress

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty faced the pressures of responding to students under stress, grading with fairness and compassion, responding to departmental expectations, and advancing their individual careers. Moving to remote instruction has only exacerbated those pressures. Faculty members’ self-care is often forgotten or put on hold due to the demands of teaching, research, and service. How do you find your balance of offering supportive, sympathetic ears to students in crisis and setting effective self-care boundaries? How do you maintain your passion for teaching without creating unrealistic expectations in your role as a mentor? What academic procedures and protocols exist to support students in crisis or underperforming and faculty trying to guide them?

This session will offer important self-care strategies and academic resources that are available to assist faculty with managing pressures that come from their students, departments, and individual expectations.


  • Robin Huskey (Faculty Staff Assistance Program)
  • Jordan Crawford (Department of Accessibility Services)
  • Dan Dillard (Emory College of Arts and Sciences)

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