Your Sabbatical: Operating Instructions, Part 2 - "Maximizing Your Sabbatical"

This event has been canceled due to the covid-19 mitigation measures. We encourage you to view the webinar on your own on the national center for faculty development and diversity website.

Join us on Mar 30 in the CFDE for a Webinar Viewing Party

Noon - 1:30 pm
In the CFDE (216 Woodruff Library)
Bring your lunch, CFDE will provide drinks

While the word “sabbatical” is derived from “ceasing or a rest,” the reality of being on sabbatical could not be further from those derivations. Sabbaticals are (in many institutions) highly competitive and recipients are expected to use their time away from other academic duties and responsibilities to focus on their research agenda, with the resultant expectation of a tangible scholarly outcome. Unfortunately, competition can be very stress producing for many academics. While having “free time” can be wonderfully productive, it can sometimes cause anxiety or even paralyze productivity.

In this webinar, we will be exploring the above issues, and create positive ways to deal with:

  • Discovering what the sabbatical process is in your particular institution
  • Making your application most attractive and competitive
  • Planning on how to use the “free time” effectively and with the most benefit to both the applicant and the institution
  • Dealing with rejection if sabbatical isn’t approved

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