Final Exams in Remote Courses

The CFDE has developed a web tool to help you understand and select the best assessment methods for your online course. Begin by thinking about the learning goals for the course.

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We encourage faculty, especially Emory College faculty, to first and foremost begin with their school-specific information and resources to transition to online classes.

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Assessment Webinar Series

Content for both webinars based on the Final Exams in Remote Courses tool created by the CFDE

Reimagining Assessment

Friday, April 10th 1:00-2:00 pm

Facilitators: Matthew Aron ATS/LITS, Sarah Morris Library Services, Liesl Wuest CFDE 

Description: As you make the transition to remote assessment, be creative and reimagine what it might look like! Consider the primary purpose of the course: content mastery, skill development, analysis etc., then pair it with ongoing activities rather than a single final exam. 

This webinar will discuss several different research-based approaches to assessment that can replace the need for a proctored final exam. We will cover how to select appropriate alternative assessments, how to design them for remote learning, and how to implement them. This will include: 

  • Ongoing quizzes 
  • Online Discussions 
  • Research papers/projects 
  • Portfolio of work 

This will be a presentation + demonstration style webinar. There should be time for Q&A throughout.   

View Recording of Assessment Webinar Series Webinar

Proctored Exams

Facilitators: Matthew Aron & Lee Clontz ATS/LITS, Blaire Wilson Honor Council in ECAS, Liesl Wuest CFDE

Description: While the general recommendation for assessment in a remote environment is to try to reimagine the final exam through ongoing assessments and/or final projects, if you need to hold a proctored exam there are several options. This webinar is designed to:

  • Introduce you to a few options for proctored exams, including Respondus Monitor and using Zoom to proctor your exam remotely 
  • Discuss the limits of each system  
  • Hear from a representative from the Honor Council in ECAS to provide perspectives about best practices for academic integrity. 

View Recording of Proctored Exams Webinar

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