Writing Through Writer's Block

Join us on Mar 2 in the CFDE for a Webinar Viewing Party

Noon - 1:30 pm
In the CFDE (216 Woodruff Library)

Bring your lunch, CFDE will provide drinks

  • Are you feeling stuck in your writing and experiencing a sense of boredom, intimidation or self-loathing when you think of sitting down with your project?
  • Do you have ongoing guilt or shame about how much time you spend avoiding your work because it’s painful to write, or you’re no longer sure exactly where or how to start? 
  • Do you maintain unrealistic standards for your research that turn each paragraph into an opportunity to feel you have insufficient expertise, or couldn’t adequately respond to readers’ expectations or critiques?

If any of the above sounds familiar or reflects your experience with the writing process, you are not alone. It may be useful to regard those $%#@! writing blocks as opportunities for clarity around your research aims and intellectual investments. In this guest expert workshop, we will explore the multiple forms that writing blocks take, consider challenges that underrepresented faculty may experience in relation to writing, and identify strategies for attending to blocks so as to turn obstacles into insight. Along the way, we will share stories about how incredibly tough writing can be, and develop strategies that will help us sit down with our projects and make progress -- writing through writer’s block.

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