Contribute Teaching Ideas to New Database

The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence has created a way for you to share teaching ideas with other faculty.  This effort was inspired by a suggestion at a recent Emory College of Arts and Sciences faculty meeting, with the idea of allowing faculty to share useful ways they adapted their class to remote teaching this past semester.  We are launching a database titled “Teaching at Emory:  Contributed Teaching Techniques.” 

Visit the database to view the contributed ideas.

If you would like to contribute an idea, enter a description of your teaching technique/idea/tip.  You’ll also be able to tag your tip to describe the type of course, student, etc. – there are tags for all the schools of Emory, for example. 

Note that this is not necessarily pandemic-specific, we welcome teaching techniques of all sorts.  That being said, we would love to celebrate the creative ways everybody has adapted their teaching this past semester.

Contribute an idea

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