Continuing Community Engagement During Community (Di)Stress

Tuesday, April 20th from 3-4pm

Via Zoom

Though community engaged learning looks a little different this year, CFDE has been able to provide community engaged learning funding for courses in Emory college, Oxford college, and the School of Nursing. Because of the unprecedented nature of conducting community engaged learning courses during a pandemic, this Zoom discussion is to take time to reflect on how Emory faculty are conducting community engagement connected to teaching, the curriculum, and other learning spaces. 

Sustaining and developing relationships with community engaged learning partners during this time has been a bit like building a plane while flying it. The work calls for innovation and improvisation. This meeting is a time to take stock of changes made during Covid-19 and concurrent societal challenges, even as these are ongoing, while anticipating further dialogue in the fall about changes in how to approach community engaged learning. We will hear from several current grant recipients, followed by further discussion among all the participants.

This event is open to anyone who has continued community engagement work or is interested in doing so.  Please RSVP here.

Please contact or with any questions.

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