Funds for Innovative Teaching (F.I.T.) Grants

Call for Proposals – Fall 2021/Spring 2022

FIT Grants are seed grants for longer-term pedagogical transformations in the classroom. The key criterion is that proposals promise long-term educational effects within the Emory community. Funds support innovative undergraduate and/or graduate, and postgraduate teaching at Emory. Grants range from $500-$5000. FIT Grants are open to all full-time faculty (including tenured, non-tenure track, teaching track, clinical track, and other faculty with long-term appointments) and are available for both individual faculty members and faculty working as teams. Only one proposal per project will be considered. Applicants must have their own Speedtype account or be connected to a department that has a Speedtype account.   

Funds support a variety of new approaches:  

  • Courses that support recent discoveries in research and take that research into the classroom  
  • New interdisciplinary courses that move across departments or across schools  
  • Courses that use creative pedagogical approaches (some examples: developing a student exhibit using materials in special collections, development of virtual “rounds” in a hospital, or flipping a classroom)  

Notes on types of uses for the funds:   

  • Funds may be used to support bringing outside scholars into the classroom, but the proposal must show how this will lead to a sustained change in the course over future years.  
  • Funds may be used for the kinds of materials that are needed to get a class up and running – and will contribute to future iterations of the class.  
  • FIT funds may not be used for honoraria for Emory faculty.  

FIT funds can be used for summer salary support for the proposer. Need for summer salary support must be carefully justified. 

Please apply here by Friday, June 4thFUNDS FOR INNOVATIVE TEACHING 

  • the proposed innovation  
  • schedule for integration of the proposed project in the classroom setting  
  • budget  
  • course outline or proposed syllabus 
  • If requesting funds for software/hardware, you must include a letter from your department chair. This letter must outline a departmental management plan for long-term sustainability of those materials in your department or confirm that the hardware goes to CFDE after the grant ends. 

Grant proposals will be judged on the basis of four criteria:  

  • the suitability of the project for the areas described above  
  • the clarity of educational purpose  
  • the proposed budget being reasonable and sufficient to accomplish the aims of the study   
  • the clarity of how the proposed development is above and beyond normal course development and/or improvement 

Grantees will be required to provide a report that includes:  

  • a final syllabus   
  • student evaluations that include students’ opinions of the new approach and how it affected their learning   
  • plans for the future of this topic.   

75% of funding will be disbursed upon selection and receipt of your departmental Speedtype, and the remaining 25% upon submission of the project summary report at the end of the semester. Funds will be transferred to only one Speedtype. The funds may be used on a reimbursement basis. Funds may be used for direct and incremental expenses only.  

Due to the uncertainty of COVID, we ask that your proposal include an in-person plan as well as a remote learning plan, as both may be possible for future semesters. 

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