Pandemic Reflections, Fall 2022


call for students

GRAD 700 (3 Credit Course)

Fall 2022, Tuesday 1:00-4:00pm

Convener: Dr. Jodie Guest

Often discussions of pandemics focus on infectious diseases, public health outreach and communication, and perhaps even vaccine development and rollout. But pandemics are also like mirrors. They offer a reflection of both who we are and who we can be as a global community. What can they teach us about ourselves, our society, and even our world?

This course will focus on the HIVIAIDS and Covid-19 pandemics as two (ongoing) events that have taught us about science and disease. But they have also brought a sharper focus on issues surrounding stigma, religion, communication, inequity, and politics. Drawing on these two pandemics, we will begin to ponder how they help explore our current context more deeply and shape our responses to future pandemics. What were our lessons learned? How might we carry them forward?

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