Learning Design Lab


Is your department or program working on any curriculum or course development projects? We are here to help!

The Learning Design Lab provides support to departments/programs as they redesign high-enrollment courses or curriculums that focus on student-centered needs like transparency, engagement, equitable assessment, and accessibility. We will also partner with faculty who are offering interdisciplinary courses with multiple instructors.

Project Proposal Form


  • Groups of three or more faculty will submit a proposal using the Learning Design Lab Proposal Form
  • We will review the applications and support as many projects as we can at a time
  • Timeline will be a mutual agreement based on scope of project
  • For a pre-proposal consultation contact Liesl Wuest at lwuest@emory.edu

What you get:

  • Pre-proposal consultation as needed to help groups clarify their needs and goals
  • Expertise and professional support to groups of faculty working on the same project
  • Ongoing support through the entire implementation cycle:
    • We will help you a evaluate your current program; develop plans for change; support you as you bring it to the classroom
    • After your project is completed, we will have a follow-up discussion about what worked and what you might change for future iterations

Working Group Examples:

Multi-section/Multi-faculty Courses within a Department

  • Faculty who teach (or rotate through) the same course in a department/program and would like to work together to develop a core course that everyone works from. This is ideal for multi-section courses and/or high-enrollment courses. Group projects could be:
    • Develop Consistent Materials and Course Site:
      • Course and weekly learning outcomes; develop consistent material/activities/assessment; a consistent, fully-developed course site
    • Implement a Student-Centered Design

Interdisciplinary Courses

  • Multiple faculty developing and teaching and interdisciplinary course (across departments or colleges)

Curricular Alignment Projects

  • This can be reviewing an entire curriculum, or parts of a curriculum, e.g. introductory courses. Curriculum alignment projects are most successful when you have strong buy-in and participation from as many faculty in the department as possible

Project Proposal Form