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Developmental Editors and Writing Coaches

BA in sociology and anthropology from Carleton College and a PhD in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Areas of Specialization: academic writing in areas including sociology, anthropology, counseling psychology, public policy, educational studies, communications, English literature, media studies, and business. She has worked with both native and nonnative speakers of English.

“I was a professor at two top liberal arts colleges before leaving to pursue editorial work. I am particularly experienced at academic editing, and have edited journal articles, dissertations, book chapters, and proposals in a range of subject areas, including sociology, anthropology, counseling psychology, public policy, educational studies, communications, English literature, media studies, and business. I have also edited journalistic writing for organizations, and I have worked with both native and nonnative speakers of English. My goal as an editor is to help writers communicate complex thoughts in as clear, compelling, and reader-friendly a way as possible. I have published several of my own academic articles and book chapters with top journals and publishers, and am currently writing my first book, on progressive religion and spirituality.”

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Writing Retreat Facilitator and Writing Coach Former tenured associate professor of African American studies and political science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. PhD from Northwestern University. "I work with scholars who feel too overwhelmed to write and teach them to create a productive, pleasurable, satisfying writing routine. What I know—from the research and my observations as a coach—is that each scholar has their own natural writing process, and many of their struggles come from their inability to recognize or follow it. I train scholars to uncover that process, build a routine around it, and protect that routine. After working with me, scholars know how to make progress on their writing, enjoy the pleasures of intellectual work, and have energy for other parts of their lives."

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BA in English literature with High Honors from Oberlin College; MA with honors in English literature from the University of Virginia. Former executive editor for Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, Routledge/Taylor and Francis, Schirmer Books (Macmillan Education), and others. Areas of Specialization: academic writing in the humanities, including English literature, music, art, drama, history, sociology, biography, and general humanities. "Carlin is a dynamic, skilled professional with over 30 years’ experience as a publishing executive and published author. His work has encompassed all aspects of editorial work, from basic copy editing, proofreading, and indexing to manuscript development, rewriting and ghost writing, development of interactive etexts and online learning materials, and writing sales and marketing copy. He has successfully helped authors develop their manuscripts from the proposal stage to published books. He also has a strong track record working with younger academics who have enjoyed long and successful publishing careers in their fields. As an author, he has written over 20 nonfiction works, several of which have been named to top 10 lists and won high recommendations from critics and academic journals. He is a Grammy Winner for Best Liner Notes in 2017 along with coauthor Ken Bloom."

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PhD in sociology from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Areas of specialization: social scientific methods, literature, and statistics; grammar and writing organization in a variety of formats including journal articles, theses, grant proposals, and syllabi “I received my PhD in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004. I have experience editing scholarly journal articles, book chapters, theses, dissertations, class syllabi, conference presentations, grant proposals, and other academic documents. I am grounded in social scientific methods, literature, and statistics, and have a strong background in grammar and writing organization. As a former PhD student, I understand the pressures of academic writing and am flexible, working with you to meet your needs. I am willing to work closely with you to understand your goals and fit academic editing services into your budget, large or small.”

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PhD in French Literature from Illinois in 1967 Areas of Specialization: French studies, book manuscripts “Author of several well-received university-press books, FHE Principal David Lee Rubin understands the writer's situation and concerns. Editor or co-editor of several critical collections, founding editor of two widely cited journals and an influential book series, as well as director of a respected press, he also knows what “gate keepers” expect. Moreover, Rubin is a seasoned university teacher of logical pragmatics, and a long-time mentor to fellowship applicants in various fields. He has directed eight Ph.D. dissertations as first books; most were published with minimum revision soon after defense. In addition, he has helped numerous colleagues find, approach, and negotiate with American and British publishers, both academic and commercial.”

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BA in History from UVA, MA in History from University of Wisconsin, former editor at Wisconsin Historical Society. Editor, Indexer in Blacksburg, VA.

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PhD in English from the University of Texas Writing Consultant and Coach, Copy Editing, Draft Review "[I have] fifteen years of experience supporting academic writers. As a private writing consultant and former coordinator of a university-wide writing program for graduate students, I have provided support to hundreds of scholars through courses, workshops, retreats, groups, and individual consultations. I specialize in supporting faculty members and doctoral candidates, but I welcome clients of all ages, experience levels, and language backgrounds."

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PhD in Sociology Developmental Editor, Manuscript Editor, and Writing Coach. Strengths in social sciences and health sciences. "I provide services including editing for every stage of your manuscript and productivity coaching. I believe that you do your best writing when you are organized, prepared, have enough time, and have a second pair of eyes to look over your work. It’s my mission to give your writing the attention it needs and give you the support you deserve."

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BA in English literature and Japanese from Carleton College, PhD in Japanese literature from Yale University, and editing certificate from UC Berkeley Extension. Ellen lives and works in Minneapolis, MN. Areas of specialization: Developmental editing and line editing in fields such as literary studies and film studies, regional or area studies (e.g., Asian Studies, Caribbean Studies), cultural studies, history, religion, anthropology, art history, and political science. “I edit to help scholars in the humanities and qualitative social sciences reach their target readers more effectively. I respect the unique voices of my clients as I assist them in expressing complex thoughts clearly. Depending on a writer’s desired level of edit, I can provide big-picture feedback on argument and structure or home in on sentence- and paragraph-level details to tighten and polish prose and ensure a logical progression of ideas. I tailor my services to fit each writer’s needs and budget.”

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"Words into Print is a group of independent book editors, writers, and publishing consultants who will help you get your proposal or manuscript into the best shape possible and guide your efforts to reach your publishing goals. We bring to our work many years of experience acquiring, editing, and marketing books on staff at major New York publishing houses, so we know how most effectively to prepare fiction and nonfiction projects for their target markets."

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Manuscript Editors and Developmental Editing

PhD in interdisciplinary studies (culture, history, and theory) from Emory University. MA in religion and cross-cultural studies from New College, Berkeley. BA in international relations from Trinity College, Hartford. Good working knowledge of French and German. Freelance editor and writer in Atlanta, GA. Areas of specialization: "I have edited journal articles and/or books by faculty in American studies, German, sociology, art history, English, and history. Additional areas of expertise include psychoanalytic studies, gender studies, religion, critical theory, international studies, creative nonfiction, and memoir. I have also copyedited several academic business articles on marketing and information systems and operations management. I have worked with both native and nonnative speakers of English and can assist faculty at several levels, from structural analysis to line editing and punctuation."

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Scholarly editor and indexer; worked with university presses such as Princeton and Johns Hopkins, and from commercial presses such as John Wiley, Perseus and ABC-CLIO; competence in Latin, Greek and Hebrew.

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Freelance copyediting and proofreading for publishers and authors of books and articles. Former managing editor of University of Wisconsin Press, University of Nebraska Press, former editorial assistant at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Academic books editor, Bangor, Maine M.A. in German, St. Andrews University, Scotland, with additional study in Germany at FU, Berlin and Göttingen University; 1985 Bobby Jones scholar at Emory University. Editor since 1986: Religious studies editor at Cambridge University Press, UK; Academic books editor in US at Abingdon, Chalice, Cowley, Morehouse, & Pilgrim. Since 1996, editor for Hispanic Theological Initiative, Princeton. Areas of specialization: developmental editing in the humanities, with focus on religion. "Since 1986 I have edited close to 1,000 book and dissertation manuscripts. My goal is to make your writing sing by helping you to articulate your central ideas clearly and communicate them for a particular audience. I can work with you from book idea to proofs; offer express turnaround, short–, or long–term writing help; and accommodate myself to how much or little you need my involvement. Some authors appreciate regular companioning during the writing process through weekly phone/Skype/email check ins with me, others are happiest being in touch only when they are stuck or have writing to share with me. In addition to manuscript editing, I can help you put together a book proposal for yourself, your sabbatical committee, or a publisher. I also do German to English translation. You will find me to be forthright, prompt, and encouraging."

Phone: 207.942.6593

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I offer manuscript editing, copy editing, and developmental editing that helps the author tell a great story. Even in academic and scholarly publishing, readers want to be drawn into a narrative—they want to enter a world that ignites the imagination while also providing new insights and information. I have a PhD in the history of religion and am the author of two novels, Accidents of Providence and The Half Wives (both by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). I’ve edited manuscripts for university presses in comparative innovation policy, global economics, history of philosophy, and cross-disciplinary work in the humanities and social sciences. I’m also a speechwriter with a passion for clear, concise, non-jargony writing that gets the job done. Currently I’m a consultant editor with The Outside Reader, but I also take on independent clients if the fit is right for us both. I’d love to learn more about your project!

PhD in English from Emory University. Copyediting and proofreading I’ve edited and proofed hundreds of texts, from articles to book manuscripts, and published my own writing in more than two dozen places, academic and otherwise. I would be happy to work with you on any project, large or small, and on your timetable and budget.

Phone: 404.403.7543

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Master's degree with a focus in literacy from the University of Pennsylvania. Copyediting and proofreading. Scholarly and academic editor providing copyediting and proofreading for journal articles, conference papers, textbook chapters, and dissertations. My primary fields are education, English, sociology, and gender studies, but I also regularly edit work in the fields of history, nursing, anthropology, and psychology, among others. In addition to freelance editing, I am an adjunct faculty at a Writing Center and specialize in providing writing consultations to graduate students working on their theses and dissertations in a variety of disciplines. I have a masters degree from the University of Pennsylvania and am highly experienced at working with non-native speakers of English.

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PhD in religion, Claremont Graduate University, 2009; MTS (theological studies), Vanderbilt University, 2003; BA in German and Spanish, The University of Texas at Austin, 1997 Areas of specialization: Copyediting and proofreading in the humanities, especially religion, ethics, cultural studies, literature, philosophy, theology, and art. I have served for more than fifteen years as an editor, copyeditor, proofreader, and writer for academic and general audiences, from articles and white papers to dissertations, journal issues, and books. In addition to translating out of French, German, and Spanish, I also provide writing assistance to non-native speakers of English. I have taught writing-intensive courses and have served as a writing tutor and consultant, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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PhD in Comparative Literature Areas of specialization: translation studies, English and literature “Daniel joined the staff of World Literature Today in 2002, after previous editorial positions at the University of Oklahoma Press and University of Nebraska Press. A Nebraska native, he received his doctorate in comparative literature—with an emphasis in translation studies—from Indiana University, Bloomington, in 2000. At OU, in addition to his work at WLT, he serves as an adjunct assistant professor in the English department and affiliate faculty member in the Department of International & Area Studies, teaching a course in magazine editing and publishing every fall. A poet, translator, and member of PEN American Center, the National Book Critics Circle, and the American Society of Magazine Editors.”

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Fulltime freelance editor since 1995; background in art history and anthropology; worked with academic and denominational presses in fiction and nonfiction.

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BA in English, Vanderbilt University, MA and PhD in English, Emory University. Areas of Specialization: academic writing, English and American literature, Native American Literature, composition, grammar, medical writing, science writing, and communications. "I taught in the English Department at Emory for over thirty years and also served as associate dean and assistant vice president at Emory. Currently I am senior editor at the Emory Clinic. I have published four academic books—three with Louisiana State University Press—and one with Bookhouse Group in Atlanta, GA, and twenty academic articles. My fifth book is forthcoming from LSU Press. I am most accustomed to academic writing and editing and have edited articles and books in various fields, including the humanities disciplines as well as the scientific and medical fields. I have tutored both native and non-native speakers of English and enjoy preparing manuscripts for publication and helping people improve their writing skills."

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PhD and MA in religion, Claremont Graduate University. Certificate in manuscript editing, University of Chicago. BA in religious studies and gender studies, Scripps College. Freelance experience with Fordham University Press, Indiana University Press, the Society of Biblical Literature, the journal Media Industries, and over two hundred individual clients. "I refine scholarship so that research makes its mark within the academy and beyond. My services are retained by professors, independent researchers, and advanced graduate students, and I edit for university presses, research centers, and scholarly societies. My practice, Tweed Editing, specializes in copyediting, developmental editing, and stylistic editing for the humanities and qualitative social sciences. Popular services include developmental assessments and strategic feedback on book proposals for academic presses. Check out the Tweed website for free resources tailored to scholarly authors' needs."

Phone: 503.877.2584

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PhD in Social Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a BSc in Social Sciences from the University of Bradford (United Kingdom). Clare is an academic editor and coach living in Marietta, Georgia. Areas of Specialization: she edits academic documents in health/social sciences and related fields, including but not limited to: public health/epidemiology, health administration/health management, public policy/public administration, social policy, social work, sociology, psychology, economics, political science, organizational behavior, business administration, socio-legal studies/law, housing/urban management.

Phone: 404.590.3847

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For Writers in English as a Second Language

MA in Applied Linguistics. Experienced editor | Published author | Instructor of academic & research writing at an R1 university Specializing in the editing of scholarly writing, such as journal articles, research proposals, book chapters, and other academic texts. Over 15 years’ experience working with international researchers whose first language is not English, mostly in scientific and medical contexts but also in the humanities and social sciences. Book author and reviewer for the University of Michigan Press. American Copy Editors Society-certified copy editor and active member of ACES, editing and proofreading a wide range of texts for individuals and businesses.

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JD, University of Iowa; MA in sociology, University of Iowa with graduate work at Indiana University and Johns Hopkins University; BA in sociology, University of Illinois.

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Publicity Experts

Principal of Max Communications in Atlanta, providing literary PR for authors and publishers. Book publicist since 2001, first as publicity manager at Peachtree Publishers and currently as owner and literary publicist of Max Communications, specializing in nonfiction. Additional book experience includes marketing for SETAC, an academic publisher; Gannett book reviewer; Community Relations Manager for Barnes & Noble; and PR for an independent bookstore. Accredited in public relations since 2001.

Phone: 404.447.6242

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PR, branding, internal communications, employee engagement and social responsibility marketing programs across many sectors.

Phone: 678.392.1785

Address: Shira Miller Communications, Inc.
4780 Ashford Dunwoody Road
Suite A-437
Atlanta, Georgia 30338

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Sarah Russo is a public relations professional with 15 years of experience working with authors and publishers on their communications, publicity, marketing, branding and social strategy. Sarah specializes in politics, science and the environment, history, education, business, and literary fiction.

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