Teaching in Tumultuous Times

May 1, 2024

We understand that everyone is deeply impacted by the events that took place on campus last Thursday and everything that has followed since, and that you might be uncertain about how to best support your students (and yourself) as the semester comes to a close.

If students are reaching out to you to talk about what’s going on and their concerns and/or feelings, consider that this is possibly because they trust you.  So please do listen to them, even if you are unsure about what to say. Active, compassionate listening is a good place to start and allow space for students to share what they are thinking and feeling.

These CFDE resources may be a good place to start, at this time: 

  1. CFDE’s Workshop on Navigating Difficult Conversations
    This resource is in our Canvas Knowledge Hub. Here is how you sign up if you are not already signed up:  https://canvas.emory.edu/enroll/69AP9R 
  2. CFDE’s Resources on Trauma-Informed Teaching and Learning in Times of Crisis (pages 56-58).
  3. This Trauma-aware teaching checklist may also be useful at this time.
We are here to help! You can schedule a 1-1 consultation to meet with a consultant on our team to discuss your specific situation. Please fill out our teaching consultation form and someone from the CFDE will reach out to you as soon as possible: https://cfde.emory.edu/programs/teaching/consultations/index.html

If you are personally in distress and have concerns, please reach out to the Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) here https://hr.emory.edu/eu/fsap/index.html

If you need clarification regarding how to approach end-of-semester exams, assignments, grades, and/or other course logistics, please reach out to your school’s Dean or chair of your department for guidance.

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