Teaching Consultations

Interested in working on your teaching this year? Want to talk about course development?

A teaching consultation is a focused session, or sessions, between a faculty member and a CFDE staff member and/or with a Teaching Mentor (another faculty member). A consultation can be one meeting but is often a series of two to three meetings undertaken over the course of a semester or a year.

The consultation helps a faculty member strengthen one or more aspects of their teaching and/or helps a faculty member think through and develop or revise a course. We are committed to a flexible but structured consultation model. Thus, we focus on what each individual faculty member wants to work on.

Participation in this program is entirely voluntary and confidential. We offer many different options and tailor our program to best serve your concerns. 

Teaching Consultation Topics

Here is a list of some possibilities that you might work on: 

  • developing and teaching online courses
  • developing and teaching community engaged courses
  • course design
  • inclusive pedagogy (anti-racist pedagogy, decolonizing your syllabus, trauma informed pedagogy)
  • syllabus construction
  • creating assignments, paper topics, and exams
  • lecturing skills and techniques
  • course management
  • discussion skills and techniques
  • interpreting mid-course and final evaluations
  • grading and giving feedback to student work
  • grading equity over a large course
  • management of large classes
  • videotaping and class observations
  • addressing low evaluations
  • using interactive teaching strategies
  • using technology effectively in class

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Teaching Consultations may take place on Zoom or in person.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Vialla Hartfield-Mendez
Director of Engaged Learning, CFDE

Donna Troka
Director of Diversity and Pedagogy, CFDE

Cecilia Gomez
Associate Director of Teaching and Pedagogy, CFDE

Liesl Wuest
Associate Director of Learning and Technology, CFDE