Sept 20: Classroom Teaching Update Webinar

The CFDE hosted a third webinar on classroom teaching on Monday, September 20, 2-3 pm.  

The focus of this webinar was on contact tracing procedures and what we’re learning from Emory’s contact tracing data. Thus far the primary source of infection at Emory is off-campus transmission, so please remind your students to strictly follow COVID-19 protocols and carefully follow best health practices both on and off campus: wearing a face mask, staying home when sick, gathering outdoors when possible, and washing hands regularly. 


  • Neel Gandhi (Professor of Epidemiology, Global Health and Infectious Diseases)
  • Tracie Graham (COVID-19 Contact Tracing Manager) view slides (pdf)
  • Kwardel Lewis (COVID-19 Contact Tracing Manager) view slides (pdf)
  • Sharon Rabinovitz (Executive Director, Emory Student Health Services) view slides (pdf)

On a related note, the in-person teaching update webinar from September 8 was recorded, as was our August 17 webinar on the same topic (recording here). After each webinar we have updated our FAQ with new questions and answers. Here’s one question (of several) that got added after the second webinar:

Q:  I have students in my class who are sick, but test negative for COVID. When can they come back to class?

A:  This is normal, and occurred pre-pandemic. Students need to be fever-free for at least 24 hours (without medication), and they have to have improving symptoms. And yes, they need to have a negative COVID test.

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