It's About Flipping Time!

Whether you’ve been thinking about it for a while or now have more resources due to recent online learning needs, now is the time to take a shot at FLIPPING YOUR COURSE!

More than just a buzz word in education, the term “flipped class” means exactly that. Lectures are moved out of the class and become short videos, notes, readings etc. for independent consumption, and “homework”, aka learning activities, are moved into the class for immediate practice and feedback. Active learning and immediate feedback are both research-based teaching methods that have a statistically significant improvement on student learning outcomes. 

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Program Overview

The goal of this program is to apply the flipped classroom model to a new or existing course. Because we want to model this approach, there will be minimal pre-work to review before each session and the sessions will require active participation. 


We will meet from 9:30 am - 11:30 am (includes a coffee break) on the following days:

  • Tuesday, May 10th
  • Thursday, May 12th
  • Tuesday, May 24th
  • Thursday, May 26th

Location: On campus, room TBD

Capped at 20 participants

Program Goals

After our FOUR SESSIONS described below, you will be able to:

  • Explain the educational benefits of a flipped classroom model
  • Determine what type of content and learning activities are most suited for out of class work and what content and activities are best suited for in-class work
  • Consider what type of in-class practice is needed to achieve course goals
  • Develop and facilitate student-centered activities (i.e. “active learning”), for a class sessions
  • Create and find online content as needed to support your flipped model
  • Use technology tools to support a flipped classroom model

You've already started the work!

  • Video
  • Polling
  • Problem Sets
  • Group Projects

We will debunk the myths!

Students don't like it and they don't come prepared.

We will discuss tips and strategies for student preparation and preparedness!

This sounds like a lot more work…for me.

  • You probably already have more than you think
  • There's a lot of content thatyou can find
  • Plan to reuse!

Is this just another education fad that we will be moving past in a few years?

No! Call it what want, but "active learning", i.e. doing work in the classroom, improves learning outcomes across the board.

What Past Participants Said:

  • Worth doing if you don't know anything about flipped classrooms and want a thorough introduction to the concept.
  • I would recommend this course to anyone trying to implement a flipped classroom
  • This program does a great job in helping to provide different approaches one can take when developing a flipped class.
  • Do it! If nothing else, it provides a framework that forces you to start actively thinking about how you might implement a flipped model for your class. 

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