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Using the Science of Learning in the Classroom

Recorded: A three-workshop series on how to use principles from the science of learning in the classroom to improve student learning outcomes. Hear from faculty experts about what the science says and then reexamine your syllabus or learning activities to apply these principles. 

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Pre-Semester Course Prep

Flexible Course Design


  • Focus is on building a course that provides students with clear structure and transparent expectations
  • Review tools like Canvas that support flexible course design
  • Reviews best practices in web and course design

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Class Engagement 101


  • Quick overview of how engagement with students through a variety of activities helps increase attention, connection, and performance
  • Try out some simple tools that will allow you to interact with students in a class of any size (e.g. polling, collaborative spaces like shared whiteboards or documents)
  • Learn some strategies to help increase student participation

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Tips for the First Week of Class


The first week of class can set the tone for the rest of the semester. Building community and assessing for prior learning and experiences is a great way to help bring students together and start off on equal footing. This session will cover the hows and whys of both.

  • Building community can help improve intrinsic motivation and builds a community of learners who can work together on knowledge construction
  • Assessing for prior learning will help you, the instructor identify and correct gaps or misconceptions early,  and will help the students begin to build a framework for learning in your class.

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Additional Resources:

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