CFDE Course Design and Pedagogy Fellows Program

The Course Design & Pedagogy Fellows Program is a new Fellowship program that provides instructors with intensive professional development in learner-centered pedagogies, course (re)design best practices, instructional strategies, and reflective teaching practice. The program provides funding to support each Fellow’s course and teaching effectiveness redesign. This program is especially useful for teaching projects that focus on developing or enhancing teaching practices in large-enrollment courses, engaging students in active learning (e.g., collaborative learning, project-based learning), enhancing alignment between learning outcomes, learning assessments, and learning activities, scaffolding the learning process, and supporting learning experiences for diverse students (e.g., First Generation, English learners, and international students.) New instructors, STEM instructors interested in active learning, and instructors redesigning a course are especially encouraged to apply for this program. 


August 21-September 15, 2023: Application period  


  • Support faculty from across campus as they design or redesign a course for learner-centeredness and engagement  
  • Support new faculty with best practices around course design and teaching effectiveness  
  • Collaborate with colleagues in a five-session workshop series (workshops held during Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters.) Workshop topics are:  
    • W1: How students learn 
    • W2: Principles of course design & of scaffolding instruction 
    • W3: Assessing student learning  
    • W4: Designing learning activities 
    • W5: Planning for active learning  
  • Receive individualized feedback from CFDE’s consultants  
  • Share their projects with the campus community through a CFDE Fellows Showcase (e.g., a CFDE event, a CFDE SoTL talk or poster)  
  • Expand the university’s Teaching and Learning training curriculum, as faculty add new material to existing offerings and/or lead workshops on discipline-specific, teaching and learning issues 


  • 2 semesters long: September 2023 - May 2024    
  • $2,000 stipend dispersed in three payments into a research or departmental account (it cannot be as salary)   
  • Applicants must have a speedtype account to which money can be disbursed   
  • Program sessions: Friday mornings (e.g., 10:00-11:30 am) on Zoom or best times for the cohort 


  • All full-time faculty and instructors across Emory University. New instructors, STEM instructors, and instructors redesigning a course are especially encouraged to apply for this program.  
  • Please note: graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are not eligible for this program at this time.   

Program Timeline

  • August 21-September 15, 2023: Application period  
  • Fall 2023: 2 workshops 
  • Spring 2024: 3 workshops  
  • Fall 2024-Fall 2025: CFDE Fellows Showcase (or similar faculty event) 

The Course Design & Pedagogy Fellows will be expected to 

  • Participate in a five-part workshop series, engaging with other Fellows and with foundational concepts related to learner-centered teaching. 
  • Collaborate with CFDE’s consultants throughout the term of the program   
  • Participate in a Mid-Semester Inquiry survey (template provided by CFDE) during the Fall 2023 or Spring 2024 term, to gather anonymous student feedback on the course that they are redesigning  
  • Submit all program deliverables by their due dates   
  • Share their projects with the campus community in a Fellows showcase or similar event (e.g., a faculty workshop or faculty presentation)  
  • Create an annotated bibliography on the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) connected with their topic or with an aspect of their course (re)design 

Please direct questions about this program to Cecilia Gómez ( 

The CFDE Teaching Fellows Research program offered in 2018-2019 is no longer available. As part of their fellowship, Teaching Fellows were asked to gather the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) research on their project topic over the summer. Here are the annotated bibliographies of that research from that cohort of Fellows: